When Does Fajr Begin?


Muslims here in the UK are facing an issue that seems to have no apparent solution. Every year during Ramadan people are dumbfounded and confused by the discrepancies between multiple timetables published by the mosques and organisations in the UK. One community is enjoying their Suhoor while a nearby second has already prayed their Fajr Salah which had started as early as 01:15am. What are our Imams doing? Continue reading “When Does Fajr Begin?”

Donate to Syria


I just donated. Let us all do the same!

Donate now. Give money to help your Muslim brothers & sisters survive the calamity they are facing. It is freezing. Its snowing in Syria. And there is no central heating. Can you not spare even a meager 5 pounds?

“The believers in their affection, compassion and love for one another are like one single body. If a part of it suffers from pain, the whole body will suffer in pain.” (Muslim) Continue reading “Donate to Syria”